New perfect silicone breastforms in a holster bra

This silicone breast prostheses bra is a top-quality product made in Germany. It is a bra with inserted silicone prostheses for optimal wearing comfort.

Realistic extreme silicone breastforms in a holster bra

The silikon breastforms are manufactured from high-grade silicone using a very highly skilled process - "State of the Art". The silicone protheses in the bra behave like real breasts, in the way they move, as well as how they feel.

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Natural Bra: Realistic breasts for Crossdresser & Transgender in a holster bra

  • matt surface, unbelievable realistic impression in case of physical contact

  • Direction of nipples may be choose by fitting breast forms within limits.

  • Breast forms are fitted with Velcro stripes at the backside of the bra front

  • transgender friendly: The silicone breasts are slightly concave on the inside so that your existing breast (AA or less) will fit in comfortably and the prostheses snugly mold to your chest. Should you not have enough own breast tissue you can use the included micro fiber cushions

  • bra color white, ivory, black or red

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